Who wears short shorts?

ummmmm these don't fit me, we'll leave it at that. they are on ebay for 1/3 of the price. size Medium, Brand New w/tags
go here

*EDIT: I want to do something special for everyone who stops by the blog so I will take 10% off of any of the American Apparel items I have on Ebay if you mention that you saw it on the blog! Currently there is a pair of mineral wash denim runner shorts, a navy pique romper, and the shorts listed above. I think I will be adding the shiny bodysuit from the previous post I ordered because it does not fit me properly.


Yuka said...

wow theyre hot!

Damsels said...

woah thosea re some hot pants!
i would wear them
i'll check it out thanks for the tip

jamie clare said...

haha those are fab! my boyfriend would never let me out in public.

but they're totally hot.

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

i wish i had the courage to wear those!!

Tip said...

i DON'T lol..thats y they have ta go! haha