I need a vacaaaation

See you lovelies when I return Monday!

Old vacation photos from St. Thomas, Bermuda, Nassau, Jamaica, and St. Marteen.. Good Times!

real talk

my treasured men's shirt collection

thrifted shirt, AA tank, Xpress jeans, 9west shoes, Ray-Ban Aviators

I would call this my signature look. It's what I wear everyday that I don't wear something else dressy or different; like my take on t'shirt and jeans. I've noticed that it has become quite a common look (men's shirt, jeans, heels) on this blog and others, but I really don't give a ish! Been wearing men's shirts since my freshman year of college and I'll wear them until I die. My style, my blog. Anyway, I especially love the ones that are a blend of rayon or polyester with cotton. These are the best for summer. Oh and by the way, I am so sick of Mississippi summers I could die. So ready for fur, blazers (and man have I found some cool blazers), leather, and leggings!
I think my favorite person's look wearing this type of ensemble is this lovely lady. She makes it look absolutely divine with her stellar shoe collection. Judy styles denim like no other and her blog is truly an inspiration to me.


down the alley & across the tracks

Tea Anyone???

vintage romper, belt, and Liz Claiborne bag; Sam Edelman sandals

There are many interesting things and places to explore in small towns like mine. Take for instance this contraption with the kettle on top...where else in the world would you find an antique like this sitting in an alley other than a small Southern town?
Love the color of this romper. Contemplated shortening the bottom with my brand new sewing machine, but decided I kind of like the classic style of the shorts being longer.
I'm sure to be able to get one or two more posts published (hopefully denim shirt, pt. 2)before we leave on our annual family vacay thurs.-mon. Tell ya all about it later. Good night~


new friends

Sunday afternoon at Ballard Lake Park:

I made new friends

old GAP dress; vint belt; Kristen Davis platforms

This shirt dress is the last thing I purchased from GAP...and that was almost two years ago. That may change soon as I've got my eye on the Pierre Hardy Boots from the Fall collection.


a single girl in boyfriend shorts

victoria's secret linen blend boyfriend blazer, DIY thrifted AE boyfriend shorts, Express sheer tee, Kristen Davis wood platforms, Ray-Ban Aviators
Oh the irony of a single girl in bf shorts and a bf blazer haha. These shorts are a DIY version of these; made from a guy's pair of American Eagle jeans found on my last little thrifting spree.

Have a good rest of the weekend everyone and a big thanks to all who have commented and/ or now following this little blog of mine. I feel like its really starting to come together and I couldn't have done it without my dear readers.


denim shirt: part I

thrifted GAP denim guy's shirt, Cheap Monday faux leather shorts, Nine West Sandals

The first post of hopefully three in which I sport this denim button down. Being convinced it is the perfect denim shirt ( been on the search for one FOREVER), I plan on posting three totally different looks incorporating it. I wore a similar one here but this "new" one is a bit darker and it fits much better.
The shorts were a lucky Ebay win about a month ago. Fab price considering what they retailed for. What I LOVE about them is that they are lined with cotton, allowing them to be worn this time of year without being tortured.


thrifting in tupelo

From Collages

This is actually a combination of two thrift stores. Just to give you an idea of the selection which ranges from paper thin nylon jumpsuits (bottom row) to 80's bold shoulder frocks, and notice that insane House on the Prarie Dress in the top right hand corner. Wedding dresses for $15 and vintage clothes with the old style tags still attached.

I didn't even remember to photograph the stuff I bought...


casual tuesday

vintage shirt, belt, and Perry Ellis sling bag; Urban Outfitters jeans; Nine west shoes, ebay and Wal-mart rings; grey AA tank; F21 lace bra

I could not have asked for a better day to sit in the park, eat McDonald's for the first time in months, sip a SB's venti Caramel Frapp for dessert, and finish next month's issue of Marie Claire. There was a constant breeze that is very rare for this time of year (notice my hair).
The park was followed by a short weekly stop my favorite SA, where as usual I am surprised by the amount of "new" vintage they put out for the week. I swear all the little old ladies in Tupelo must be cleaning out twenty years worth of clothing from their closets this summer...which is great for me! I've got tons of great stuff that I can't wait to show you!
Have a good night~

Look at this insanely shaped yellow tomato Mother found in her garden. Definitely photo-worthy:}



Dress: vintage/shortened, Shoes: Nine West, Bag: vintage, Sunnies: flea market (last year)

I usually try not to post a billion images for one outfit as I find it unnecessary, yet this is an exceptional circumstance. I owe this dress six photos since it is hands down my favorite vintage dress and deserves a final encore on the blog before summer's end.
When I saw these sunnies a while back on the glamourai, it reminded me of this pair I found at a fleamarket last year, but never wore. I love when old things are new again...corny but true.


Mixed Printz

To be completely honest I no longer subscribe to Harper's Bazaar. I find the clothing featured in ALL of the issues quite unrealistic for the average person to attain, amongst other things. The magazine does however serve as a great inspiration therefore I find myself sitting in the magazine section every month for over half an hour gazing at each issue cover to cover. This month HB was a purchase only because the styling of this editorial is perfection.

My favorite pieces are: Erdem Dress, image 2: Louis Vuitton dress and leggings, image 5: Rodarte dress, image 7: Balenciaga booties, image 6: D&G dress, image 8... What do you guys think?








mixed prints

Source: Harper's Bazaar August 2009

*These images were bought and scanned by me and are considered mine. If you do decide to use them on your site, please credit the source of uploading, who would be me.

Thank You


sari dress & tie dye fever

Sari: fleamarket, Belt: vintage, Sam Edelman gladiators (not pictured)
In my spare time, I like to go through the archives of my favorite blogs. About a year or so ago, the talented and stylish Sabrina from Professionally Trendy posted a "how to" on how to tie a sari into a dress. Many of you may have been able to figure it out just by looking at her great photos, but I for one am happy that she did it step by step for people like myself, with two left hands.
Also the sweet Jessica from Polished Sense is having a little contest. To enter send her a photo wearing your favorite scarf. I believe the contest ends on June 28th so go to her blog for all the details if you wish to enter. Here's a photo with my fav summer scarf, which also happens to be tie dye. If it were winter, and I WISH it was, my fav would probably be my AA circle scarf which I adore wearing as a hood and scarf. How about you guys, do you wear scarves in the warmer months?

scarf: random mall store, American Apparel Sexuali tank, Express boyfriend jeans, RayBan Aviators

My new vintage bag that I have been carrying non-stop.



American Apparel crop top and Harem pants, GoJane shoes, Ebay ring, ? earrings
The humidity is extremely intense today, notice the foggy lense in the last photo and the fact that my bangs are plastered to my forehead..ewwwwww.
Kudzu is the vine you see on the top of that building in the second photo. It was brought over from China, I think, a long time ago for a very good reason. Its purpose was to hold the ground/soil in places that would case mudslides if it ever flooded, again I think. However, it becomes a nusance because it takes over trees and many areas are covered with it in the southern states. Niiiiice history lesson huh.


these boots were made for...me

I don't usually have luck thrifting good vintage shoes in my size. This has never really bothered me though, since one of the style concepts I follow is to usually keep the footwear modern when wearing vintage clothing.

My time off of work has allowed me to travel to surrounding towns and check out thrift stores that I have never been to. In doing so, it seems my luck changed yesterday as I found 2 pair at a nice thrift store in Oxford.
The first pair are vintage Zodiac boots. They are superb quality with leather soles. I especially love the color and the touch of suede. For $4, they are quite a find I think. The vintage oxfords were $3 and the colorblocking is absolutely perfect

other photos from over the weekend (a little spotlight effect happy, i know):

The sunflower in my garden bloomed over the weekend.

The car show was quite interesting, to say the least.



vintage blazer; dress, cuff, earrings, and glasses:Forever 21; Bebe wedge pumps

You have to love the 80's for stuff like this. This blazer/jacket is the only pink item of clothing in my closet. The massive shoulders appease my desire for a "strong shoulder" trend inspired piece. In fact, so massive they were I removed the shoulder pads for comfort and the volume was still quite sufficient. So where did I find cause to wear this voluminous pink item of clothing, you ask...
This is F21's version, errr knockoff, of the AA Nylon Tricot figure skater dress. It is actually quite comparable and i may dare say i give it and extra point for appropriate length. The similarity of material is dead on.