tat tat tatted up

A fixer upper of what used to be, if anyone ever noticed,  three sad stars....


last days of summer

the day of rafting the Ocoee River..I always want to be in the front hehe, so much fun..

Pictured now from on location in San Antonio, TX
(my younger Brother and only sibling, whom I love graduated from BT of the Lakeland AirForce Base here, also pictured)

I can truly say that these recent memories will never be forgotten, I am beyond proud of Brother!
And referring back to the beginning of the post, we visit the lakehouse almost every year, but THIS TIME (last weekend to be exact) the bestie Jazz made it unforgettable..love you sis!


back on the scene

First off, I just want to let my "faithful few" (now 100 following) readers that I am alive and well and returning from a substantial hiatus. I have been traveling ALOT this past month (Texas, Biloxi again, Nashville, etc.) I plan to put together a post of my lastest vacays soon.

In the meantime, I just wanted to share my new hair cut you guys! I am in love with it, what do you think?



i have a pair of (US size 8, could fit 8.5 in my opinion) Jeffrey Campbell Splendid platforms up for auction on Ebay. these are brand new in the box and have a starting bid of $75 dollars.


summer love

vintage dress, ny&co slip dress, colonial madness by ld tuttle shoes via urban outfitters
i love love love and love this "new" dress! it's everything i've been wanting to wear all spring/summer, as in flowy, sheer, and floral.
can't believe june is almost over, but i'm really looking forward to july. the break from work will be much appreciated as i will be able to catch up on blogging, fly to texas to see my brother, and go visit my friends from college in nashville as well.