Day & Night

Saturday Night

thrifted fur coat, F21 top, skirt and tights, BeBe croc pumps (not pictured)
Saturday Morning

AA hoodie "dress", xpress jeans, marc by marc j boots, my favorite black bag
Hope everyone had a good weekend! I can honestly say that my 25th birthday a was one that I'll never ever forget.
I'm off all week for the holiday (school's out) so I hope to post a bit and put an ton of stuff on ebay including a faux fur full length coat to die for! Thanx to my best blog friends who still stop and to my new followers. Should finally have time to catch up on all my fav blogs and visit new followers as well!! Thanx guys
Yes, the short jacket in the top photo is 100 % rabbit fur, but its thrifted vint from none other than the Salvation Army and for $10!!! ummmmm sorry but I had to have it!


Go Hard

American Apparel Dress, Express leather jacket (last year), blk suede Steve Madden OTK boots

Finally made an effort to post something although its not my best. These photos were taken with my s lil "party camera" so sorry they suck oh and this was after we got back from a packed club on Halloween night btw.

These are from Halloween night, we decided to go to a club literally at the last minute @ like 10, so I'm like...oooh i can be a bumblebee and wear this dress i haven't worn. Kinda lame, but bear with me it was last minute. Anyway so we went to three stores looking for some kind or bug antenna head piece and wings or something, no luck. Everything was obviously sold out at the only places open. Even tried to just buy some black pipe cleaners to make my own antenna by putting them on a black headband or something ...Wal Mart was out of black crafting pipe cleaners....EPIC FAILURE. Last minute ideas never work out for me.

forgive all the grammar issues, i did this post in five minutes, going on lunch break now!!