Go Hard

American Apparel Dress, Express leather jacket (last year), blk suede Steve Madden OTK boots

Finally made an effort to post something although its not my best. These photos were taken with my s lil "party camera" so sorry they suck oh and this was after we got back from a packed club on Halloween night btw.

These are from Halloween night, we decided to go to a club literally at the last minute @ like 10, so I'm like...oooh i can be a bumblebee and wear this dress i haven't worn. Kinda lame, but bear with me it was last minute. Anyway so we went to three stores looking for some kind or bug antenna head piece and wings or something, no luck. Everything was obviously sold out at the only places open. Even tried to just buy some black pipe cleaners to make my own antenna by putting them on a black headband or something ...Wal Mart was out of black crafting pipe cleaners....EPIC FAILURE. Last minute ideas never work out for me.

forgive all the grammar issues, i did this post in five minutes, going on lunch break now!!



...Seyma... said...

girl where the hell have you been?? missed you so much :)


Ash Fox said...

where have you been all my life? that dress is hot. there are few people who can make yellow look good and you are one of them.



nikky said...

the yellow looks awesome on you and glad you're back!

did you go to TSU? i go to school in nashville and know they had their homecoming this past weekend...(so just a guess...!)

Tip said...

Heeey@ nikkY!! sure did!! i didn't know u lived in TN. Nice!! graduated in 07 bs in poli sci. where do u go to school?!

The Queen of Hearts said...

That dress looks amazing on you -- I love the pattern and how its set off by the yellow.

And the day I wake up with your hair, will be a fabulous day.

Anonymous said...

Hi lady! Welcome back... if only for a little while. :) Great last min. costume idea and way to utilize the cute dress.

Happy early birthday! You will love Vegas!

xo, Becs

kirstyb said...

loving the pics and that is a fab colour xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Fabulous dress! And HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! That's so exciting- and Vegasss- hope you have so much fun! Bundle up- it's going to be chilly :) My bangs are finally at the point of grown out- took awhile and lots of pinning back :) xo, Mel

Arielle said...

aww so cute. i saw a dress very similar to this in F21 :)

Anonymous said...


prashant said...

there are few people who can make yellow look good and you are one of them.

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