true friends are a blessing

ASOS graphic blanket wrap cardi, express jeans (of course), Michael Antonio otk platform boots, random Ebay gloves, Don't think ive mentioned this watch, which my 25th b-day present from Mother (my first diamond watch) Love it with a passion!!! I found a $100 cheaper one online that is very similar. I think I like it better especially for the price.

This week has been by far one of the most dramatic and depressing ones that I've had to endure in ages.
Last night my best friend Kortney took me out for dinner, drinks, and back to her FAB house for more drinks, a venting session, and playing dress up with her awesome jewelry (i.e. diamond bracelet the smaller one is the authentic...carats? uhh lots i guess). LOVE her bed and I told her one those lamps are going to come up missing one day and I don't think she would even notice, being as she has three of em.


a western motif...whatever that is

vintage sweater & cowboy boots; Express jeans, AA bodysuit
Hope everyone had a good weekend! Saturday's weather, when i took these, was great here. I still can't believe its almost Christmas and I need to find my guy a present...ideas anyone?? I haven't had a boyfriend at Christmas in too long. That's awfully drepressing, i know haha.
Found this awesome sweater the same day as the fur coat. Yes, I left the Salvation Army a very happy girl that day.