ode to glamour

The moment I spotted this chiffon ruffled delight (because I have no clue what it's technically called - cardi?) among the long racks of moth ball scented blouses, I knew it was exactly what's been missing from my life. I took scissors to the sleeves , which where pointy like you know...a witch costume, and decided to leave the ends raw (prada anyone?!) This will be the perfect summer topper to tight dresses, cutoffs, and swim wear. Who knows, it may even prompt me to delve into the complex world of print mixing, prompted by the talent of none of other than Kelly Frankel (the glamorai) . Come to think of it, that's exactly who I thought of while admiring this piece.
Soo excited for the holiday weekend! I am traveling down to the coast (Biloxi) to meet up with my BFF of all time Ross for a weekend of beaching, gambling, and clubbing..woooooo woooooot! With the help of a photographer for once I'll be sure to take mucho outfit pics!
Wearing: vintage cardigan thingy, American Apparel u-neck dress, Deena & Ozzy lace up wedge-booties, Forever 21 rosary necklace & webbed hand jewelry, Essie nail colour in "funky limelight"


earth tones

vintage blazer, ny & co pants, old navy button down, ann taylor "ostrich style" leather belt, kors boots

Thanks so much for all the nice feedback and encouragement on my last post! I'm really enjoying this week off of work (spring break for schools) since its allowing me to get some blogging accomplished. I can't say it feels much like a spring break today, but I just read the weather and its supposed to reach the 60's tomorrow with sunshine for the first time this week yay!!

I found this chambray shirt at Old Navy when I decided to see what they were up to these days (haven't been in there in about a year). I really hate the way their clothes fit, but this shirt is so great to me (long, loose, and tissue thin). I see it getting lots of wear in the months ahead.


"mint to be"

Lately I've been feeling like I'm experiencing a "mid-twenties" crisis. I feel at times as though I'm wasting the best years of my life at a job I wouldn't choose for myself and a place I'd never thought I'd be residing in again. I do realize the only thing stopping me is myself and I will be the one to make the changes necessary.
On a lighter note, this blazer looks alot cooler in person! The color, peplum detail, buttons, and light blue lining make it quite possibly the most fun blazer I own, considering that an item of clothing can be "fun".
vintage blazer and clutch, target ring, express jeans, steve madden suede pumps


the tuxedo dress


Took an immediate liking to this dress when I saw it worn fabulously by two of my favorite bloggers here and here. Obviously you can imagine my excitement when Forever 21's 12 by 12 line re-released it in this gorgeous navy and gray shade.It's still available for purchase here. I see many outfits to come from this very versatile piece that can be worn as a jacket/vest or dress.

Worn here with thrifted sheer print shirt, F21 pearl ribbon necklace, and Bakers strappy platforms

Speaking of function; bought this vintage silk oversize shirt, which I'm sure to live in all summer, a few weeks ago.

Worn with a vintage blazer (which I had to shed due to the warm weather this weekend), Express Jeans, and Michael Kors boots.


better late than never

rodarte dress, Bakers Chleo platforms
After giving up hope months ago for this dress (or any of the Rodarte pieces i wanted), my very best friend Ross, who now lives in Kansas City, and I were chatting while he was walking through Target . For some reason I thought to ask him to check the girls section for any Rodarte things that may be left..
"There is one of the leopard dresses you were fiending for here... in a size 9"- Ross
"Ooooh I can make a 9 work"- Me
...oh sh*t, it's marked down to like $11 dollars - Ross
"Are u sh*tting me" - Me
So naturally, I begged him to buy it and send it to me. He did and I received it today..Perfect ending to a great week and beginning of a wonderful weekend!
Michael Kors boots were won for $45 bucks on Ebay...sucks they're fur lined (sooo much more comfortable than the Marc J's) and winter is ending...oh well, I wore them today !

Also making headway daily on my closet "make-over" after throwing out umpteen bags of clothes and finally changing out all the plastic for wood hangers.

*sorry for the grainy pics