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Because I had nothing else to post, here are some more old photos from a fun photo shoot with my girl Nora last year when I was living in Nashville. Check out her work http://www.msdigphotography.com/
I think she's great!


late night tip

Asos big armhole crop top, American Apparel mineral wash slim slack, BeBe Platform Wedge Pumps

Threw this on last night for a last minute and late night trip to the local bar with a friend (ooh i made a tongue twister, no?!). I NEVER wear these shoes. Everytime I do I fall, or almost fall. They are still one of my favorite pairs of shoes though and get mucho attention (most Bebe shoes do). The only other pair of bebe pumps that i have, which I wore in a old post, are much more suited for walking.

@Alicia (Inny Vinny) you were so right about these jeans! They are too tight! I think I may sell them soon (although I could stand to lose a few pounds)...tight jeans just aren't my thing.

lookie what i got for ya...

Vintage western style shoe boots~ size 6M
They were too cute to leave at the thrift store even though they are two sizes too small
Bid @ $6.99


Like a boy

mens' thrifted shirt. BDG button skirt. vintage belt and clutch. 9west shoes again.
I meant to add these on with today's post. This is what I wore yesterday. My favorite vintage clutch and shirt. This shirt is so thin you can see through it. I really do wear too many men shirts. Painted my toes with that cult fav "No room for blues" by OPI and i love it so I guess I'll make my fingers match. i honestly didn't think it would look like ish on my skin at first.
Good night friends~

School is out for the Summer!

$1 thrifted ditsy print baby-doll dress, old boots by Wanted, DIY body chain, fleamarket pyramid stud bracelet

I finally finished myself a body chain. Didn't realize it was slanted for the pics, oops...

This is the last week that I will be working for the Elementary School, now that Summer School is over. Looking forward to a week off of sleeping late and thrifting before I begin working at my Mother's daycare full time.

Taking a road trip to Nashville this weekend to go visit my friends for a little catch up, and a much needed night out on the town.


Ford Truck

vintage shirt & Coach messenger, corset:ebay, jeans: AE, shoes: 9west
The 108 degree index temps have been killing my swag as of late. I even missed the Juneteenth festival because it was too hot this weekend, instead stayed around the house cleaning my closet out, watching movies, and online shopping.
Some of my purchases included, two corsets, this one and one from F21. I love this one because it fits so well. Holler at me if you would like to know the Ebay vendor, she has all sizes in stock and they are very reasonable (cheaper than the other one I bought from F21). Won my first pair of black Frye motorcycle boots for $41!! I BS you not! They are only one year old (which means hopefully they are broken in) and just need a bit of scuff repair. Also a vintage fedora from Ebay that I can't wait to show you, a cute crop top w/ big armholes from ASOS, and some more AA pieces from Ebay for dirt cheap.
This old truck is down the road a bit from my house. While no one was there Brother and I snuck some shots. It's pretty obvious that I have a serious thing for old cars, well really everyone in my family does.


Nutbush City Limits

thrifted Levi's denim jacket, American Apparel cotton shift dress, vintage belt, Urban Outfitters headband, F21 jewelry, Ray-Bans, (Sam Edelman gladiators not pictured)

Wierdly addicted to posting now. Determined to make this a daily blog of outfits and ebay auctions. Wore this jacket only inside at work because the A/C blows snowballs all day long.

I found this cute vintage 90's GAP ditsy floral/liberty print/grunge mini dress (whatever you want to call it). Its on ebay for $5 starting bid and I wouldn't think it would go higher then $10. I saw one similar on Cali Select not too long ago, or was it Treasure Chest, hmmmm?

Is it just me or is it not completely laughable that some people would pay ridiculous amounts of money for items that you can find in almost any thrift store (although I must admit I have seen some things on Cali Select that I would kill for but just not pay $150 for... lol) Don't get me wrong I really like Rumi and her blog, but some people are such groupies.

edit: I have added the link to my ebay page under the "about me" section for now and future reference. Now I am off to re-learn how to do proper links and make my blog pretty. Its been a long time since Tech class in High School.


Mosquito Bites & Intentional Blurrrinn

a slight sting grabs my attention. look down to find THREE big ass mosquitos biting my leg at once. swat and run away from this area close to the woods. oh well maybe some other time on this rusted plow. when its not dusk and mosquitos aren't out for blood. no more outfit posts at dusk around my house for sure.

see i intended on clear shots as well, but the "shoot" was cut short...damn mosquitos. really wanted to show this old denim button down crop top!

thrifted denim crop button down shirt, American Apparel Bull Denim skirt, vintage Coach bag, Nine West Sandals


In the Army Now

jumpsuit -NY& Co, shoes- last year's infamous brown Nine West Heech sandals, Ray-Bans... again

Simple look today. Took the sash thing off of this jumpsuit. I like these type of jumpsuits without sashes or belts which makes them look a lot like old mechanic coveralls or something (and I like that).

I have almost finished adding everyone that visits to my roll! Please do the same for my blog if you want. A big thanx to those that are following me! U Rock!


Bikers and Bohemians

Only scanned one (my fav) of the photos from the old Elle December 2005 issue I spoke of. I was more inclined to post the following ones from the Mods and Rockers issue of Metro-Pop magazine.I have been wanting to post these for a while. I am so fascinated with the "rocker" look because I have found that I just can't pull it off, no matter how hard I try.
I will post the rest of the images from the Elle mags later.


Leggo my Eggo!

thrifted men's shirt, American Apparel mini, Ray-Ban sunnies
(boring flats-not pictured)
Default outfit #2 (I posted something similar a while back), when I have no idea what to wear on yet another excrutiatingly hot day. I did however luck up on some summer inspiration yesterday in the form of a few old issues (2005) of Elle from the SA for .25 cents a piece (I know I always add the lil' prices, cuz I like to braggg ya know).
The editorials were quite inspiring and I will scan and post a few pages of them tomorrow. It really seems like magazines from just a short while ago, as these, are just so much more inspiring and full of substance. Especially in comparision to say.... this month's issue of Elle.
I bought this shirt for my lil bro on ebay a while back and he wore it today. I knew he would appreciate it because not only has the kid eatten Eggos (or any other kind of waffle for that matter) since he was 5, but he really likes quirky (lame word) phrases on t'shirts like this.
Toodles and Noodles dolls~ Have a great weekend!
I've had an issue with run on sentences since highschool that was still not mastered in college. Please overlook ALL of my many grammatical errors, okey dokes.


Who wears short shorts?

ummmmm these don't fit me, we'll leave it at that. they are on ebay for 1/3 of the price. size Medium, Brand New w/tags
go here

*EDIT: I want to do something special for everyone who stops by the blog so I will take 10% off of any of the American Apparel items I have on Ebay if you mention that you saw it on the blog! Currently there is a pair of mineral wash denim runner shorts, a navy pique romper, and the shorts listed above. I think I will be adding the shiny bodysuit from the previous post I ordered because it does not fit me properly.


Plum Trees

Found this miltary style jacket at the Salvation Army for $2. It actually still had the tags on it and the tags looked quite modern, though I still can't figure out who made it. Ooh and my authentic Ray-Ban aviators finally arrived in the mail, via an ebay vendor, for $40! Score!

If you haven't noticed by now we pretty much reside on a farm, or at least my Dad tries his hardest to make it one. Complete with a catfish pond (featured in prior post), a corn field, a pea field, green patches, tomatoes, squash, and my favorite of all these lovely plum trees.
The plums did really wonderful this year, the tree has never looked this full. Can you believe this tree grew from a small branch of an old plum tree?! I swear its the truth. The ladder is for my mother who likes to get the ones from the top. Cannot wait to taste her homeade jelly from these babies!

I never wear these shoes, but I couldn't resist being all matchy-matchy with the jacket buttons today.

thrifted jacket, Express sheer pocket tee and jeans, Anne Klein pumps, Ray-Ban aviators,
F21 earrings


The BEST Ebay Seller EVER!!

Over the past couple of weeks I have managed to snag a black pair of the DISCO PANTS I have been wanting forever and every single one of these pieces pictured below, in my size, from an ebay vendor who sells nothing but authentic American Apparel items, with tags still attached mind you, for less than half of the price in most cases. I am officially BROKE!!

I have wanted this circle scarf for ever and I got it for $10. She also had the new sheer version but someone beat me to it because I spent 5 seconds too long debating (stupid me).

I am really wondering should I give away my wonderful source, but I have such wonderful readers and she is such a fantastic seller that I just can't keep such a good thing to myself.

This is the link to see all the items she has for sale, including two versions of the micro mesh dress, the new bloomers, nylon leggings, new shorts overalls, two toned mini dresses, shiny bodysuits, skater dresses, pique rompers, and much much more!

You're welcome darlings!!

A Red-lipped Leopard

For me, there is nothing better to wear to church on a hot summer day than a silk dress. This is the only all silk dress that I have, yet constantly searching vintage sources for more. If you haven't guessed by now, silk is my all time favorite fabric. This is another dress shortened from ankle length.
This is my new favorite red lipstick. It's called "Really Red" by the Revlon Matte Collection and can be found at drugstores. I also found the PERFECT nude lipstick for my skin tone from this collection called "Craving CoCo". I literally gushed on and on to myself about it. It's so hard to find a good nude for darker tones, because they are either too pink or something. So what I'm basically trying to tell you is THE NEW REVLON MATTE COLLECTION IS PERFECT!

vintage silk dress (made shorter), Nine West Heech Sandals, vintage clutch,
Express belt (old), F21 jewelry

More stuff on Ebay. Should open a store, but I'm just too cheap for that. With all the fees and crap they already take, I refuse to pay Ebay a penny more for selling my stuff!

Puff sleeve detail cropped leather motorcycle jacket by Moda International- Size Small
Bid @ $19.99 Retailed $160 from Victoria's Secret Online

Brand New bottle of Chloe by Karl Lagerfield perfume
Bid @ $2.00
I also have a large bottle of Nautica Bermuda Blue perfume for really cheap up for auction. To see more pictures and info on all of these auctions, here is the link~


Grandfather's Chair

I really tried to get Duchess, Maria, and Chester (our new ducks) in the photos, but to no avail. They just won't be still or come to me unless I have a bucket of corn on me. Oh and let's just pretend I'm squinting in the second picture rather than blinking aiiight!
There is a plethora of vintage purses including two old Coach messengers and a vintage Dolce Vita, taking up mucho space in my book closet. How can you pass up a wonderfully weathered Coach messeger for $2!? I added this one to the 30+ collection today. I really should start an Etsy shop and sell some of them. Any tips on opening a shop (besides the basics they tell you) from those of you with an Etsy shop?
This rusty metal chair has been sitting on the bank of our pond since my grandfather, who passed away when I was twelve, used to sit in it and fish. I loved being around him so much and we had such fun fishing together when I was a young one.

navy American apparel Double U neck leotard, BDG skirt from Urban Outfitters, Sam Edelman gladiator sandals, vintage purse and belt, Wal-mart Earrings and men's Casio Watch

*Thanks to everyone that has stopped by this little blog of mine. I never knew that blog comments could inspire and movtivate me in such a way and they really mean alot to me. In responding to all the comments left and checking out everyone's blog that visits, I am happy to say I have met great new blog-friends and couldn't be happier with the outcome of my new blogging experience!


zoom zoom zoom!

Did anyone pick up on my meager attempt of a parody with the harley t'shirt and the little old kid's bike - or was it so lame that you didn't? :)

I added a photo to the header from a photo shoot I did while I was living in Nashville, TN last year. Here is another photo from the shoot:

vintage Harley t'shirt from ebay, "boyfriend jeans"-Express, shoes -Nine West via ebay, studded cuff and sunglasses are from the monthly local fleamarket
Gold sequin dress - Arden B. (last year)



This is one of my father's VWs beetles. He bought a couple of them for super cheap and has totally restored them both inside and out. The other one is a lovely new color of navy blue. I will have to do a "photo-op" with it too since it's my favorite, but since he drives it ALL the time, it's hard to catch it at home during daylight. I wish I could drive a stick, but since it doesn't have A/C and its too hot in Mississippi to breathe right now, I'm in no hurry to learn.
This may be the only kind of blazer I can tolerate on days like today because I'm just so freaking hot natured. Since this blazer is 100% silk it feels like a shirt. This reminds me of a quote I read, while searching for one to put on the blog.
"I base my fashion sense on what doesn't itch" Gilda Radner
(my favorite) thrifted silk blazer, Express sheer oversize pocket tee, Express silk shorts, Bebe platform pumps,
fleamarket sunglasses, Forever 21 earrings and lace bra