The BEST Ebay Seller EVER!!

Over the past couple of weeks I have managed to snag a black pair of the DISCO PANTS I have been wanting forever and every single one of these pieces pictured below, in my size, from an ebay vendor who sells nothing but authentic American Apparel items, with tags still attached mind you, for less than half of the price in most cases. I am officially BROKE!!

I have wanted this circle scarf for ever and I got it for $10. She also had the new sheer version but someone beat me to it because I spent 5 seconds too long debating (stupid me).

I am really wondering should I give away my wonderful source, but I have such wonderful readers and she is such a fantastic seller that I just can't keep such a good thing to myself.

This is the link to see all the items she has for sale, including two versions of the micro mesh dress, the new bloomers, nylon leggings, new shorts overalls, two toned mini dresses, shiny bodysuits, skater dresses, pique rompers, and much much more!

You're welcome darlings!!


InnyVinny said...

YOU GOT THEM!!! EEEEEE!! I think you'll be happy. They are really cool. Congrats on the find and I'll keep it a secret. ;)

Anonymous said...

SO exciting about your wins but i dont even wanna talk about ebay since i recently lost out on my frye boots on there so i am anti ebay for the moment lol

Tip said...

I know right, ebay really blows sometimes!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Now I can blame you for my NSF fees! lol.