Plum Trees

Found this miltary style jacket at the Salvation Army for $2. It actually still had the tags on it and the tags looked quite modern, though I still can't figure out who made it. Ooh and my authentic Ray-Ban aviators finally arrived in the mail, via an ebay vendor, for $40! Score!

If you haven't noticed by now we pretty much reside on a farm, or at least my Dad tries his hardest to make it one. Complete with a catfish pond (featured in prior post), a corn field, a pea field, green patches, tomatoes, squash, and my favorite of all these lovely plum trees.
The plums did really wonderful this year, the tree has never looked this full. Can you believe this tree grew from a small branch of an old plum tree?! I swear its the truth. The ladder is for my mother who likes to get the ones from the top. Cannot wait to taste her homeade jelly from these babies!

I never wear these shoes, but I couldn't resist being all matchy-matchy with the jacket buttons today.

thrifted jacket, Express sheer pocket tee and jeans, Anne Klein pumps, Ray-Ban aviators,
F21 earrings


InnyVinny said...

That is endless cool that you grow all of that food. Wow.

Sometimes I wish we had farms closer to where I live. They're all hours away. =(

Cute jacket!

Arielle said...

Don't you love salvation army??! Lovely pics :)

FrouFrouu said...

thank you for your ever so sweet comment, we're truly flattered (there are two of us - it doesnt help that we have the same name haha) :)

LOVE your jacket and the boyfriend jeans - always a chic look. you live in such a pretty place!

- frouu/ nadia

ITSCCChaneey. said...

-gorgeous outfit!
im loving the jacket, its so cool.
very chic:)

adrienne said...

sweet jacket! i have one similar from H&M...sadly i did not pay $2 :(

deep_in_vogue said...

Wow that jacket is amazing!

Nika said...

love those jeans

Justine said...

great jacket and I love the jeans, too!

couture concepts said...

i super love this jacket and thanks yea my black converse turned orange when i bleached them too

sharnae' said...

You have amazing style!
Glad I came across your blog!

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

i'm obsessed with that first pic!! amazing.

Nicole Then said...

that is one wicked jacket!