oh, this old thing...

vintage dress ,belt, and necklace (dress worn shorter)
This "new" dress is so comfortable. I adore the embroidered florals and crochet trim. With two belts as tools, I was able to wear it significantly shorter without alteration. The bulk is still a kink to be worked out.
MUST post vacation photos next week and yes that's a spot on the photos from a lense smudge I was unaware of...oh well. Have a good rest of the weekend all!



vintage floral denim jacket, corset from Ebay, Levi's cutoffs, vintage oxfords, Ray-Ban aviators, F21 ring

a Floral denim jacket...what more could i want? lightweight denim? yep. now lookin at the photos i want to make it a vest or at least shorten the sleeves. The brand of this jacket is "FAME''and the tag is super cute with the little stars all around the word.


my new #1 and my 50th post

My 50th post! Still getting acquainted with "style blogging" and at the same time feeling that I'm in an inspirationally deprived rut. No doubt the sweltering summer has something to do with that, and the fact that I live in one of the least fashionable areas of the country.

IN LOVE with this vint bag I found before I left town. Speaking of which, I'll do the Ocoee vacay post as soon as the photos of us rafting arrive .