My lil' flower bed

thrifted men's silk shirt, AA mini skirt

I have some new things up on ebay. What does this amazing vintage vest remind you of, hmmmm? Also two American Apparel Double U neck dresses, one in a color that is no longer available. To see all of these auctions and more, with additional pics and info go here....


Cheap Thrills!

If you have read any of my posts so far I'm sure you have noticed me mention purchases for .50 cents from the Salvation Army. This sale happens at the end of every month and of course I am always there and I always find new things that I have to have.

This month instead of picking up any and everything of remote interest, I carefully went through and only bought things that I KNOW would be worn.

This vintage blazer was clearly the winner of the day. I love the studded lapels and also how they are layered. The end of the sleeves are layered the exact same way.

Also a vintage ruffle shirt, that you can't see at all!

Here are the rest of my finds which include:
First Picture
an oversize peach colored crop t'shirt, faded black Levi 501s which I have already cutoff, the most amazing fitting high-waisted! striped shorts (they will be shortened), and a vintage striped silk shirt.

Second Photo
A vintage "grunge" daisy flower romper/playsuit, a size 3X red and blue striped shirt (when I tried this shirt on I was thrilled with how it hangs and its kinda cropped as well! I LOVE IT), An AMAZING fringed leather vest (.50 can u believe it!?), and another printed silk shirt.

I am extremely happy with my $5 plus tax in purchases and I can't wait to work them into my wardrobe so that you can see how they really look/fit, obviously the photos (and the fact that they are just laying on the floor) don't do these pieces much justice.


denim and flowers

Dress: Forever21
Denim Shirt & Denim Vest: Thrifted @ Salvation Army
Boots: ASOS


old new shoes

Sorry for the horrid picture quality! I can't wait until a new charger for my camera arrives so I can stop using THE worst digital camera on Earth, although I'm sure mine isn't tooo much better. Currently scowering ebay for an SLR...any suggestions?
I finally found a pair of vintage (brogues ? oxfords ?) shoes that fit me and that I love!
This is pretty much my default outfit (men's shirt + Levi's cutoffs) when its too hot for anything else!

Shirt & shoes: thrifted/vintage

Shorts: Levi's via UrbanOutfitters

sunnies: fleamarket


Grunge = Florals (?)

Happy Holiday! Are you cooking out like EVERYBODY does in the South? Looking forward to my Dad's signature T'bone steaks in about an hour! He says he just uses lemon and pepper marinade but it seems like soooo much more.
I found this vintage Liz Claiborne romper at the Salvation Army about a month ago for $.50 of course! I always wait and buy things on that last Friday of the month when EVERY piece of clothing, shoes, etc. is just fifty cents all day long. I usually go and search a couple days in advance so I'm not in there for 5 hours on that day; and of course everything that I pick out is always still there.
I am sure I will shorten the shorts to make it a bit more flattering, what do you think?


Sunday's Best

This vintage leather skirt from ebay that I posted about earlier is everything I could have asked it to be. I had actually been searching for one like this at all the local thrift stores for quite some time.
It rained all Saturday here in North Mississippi leaving it quite cool and breezy today so I jumped at the chance to wear my "new" skirt before it goes back up to 90 degrees...like tomorrow! HAPPY HOLIDAY ALL!

Express Sheer Oversize Pocket tee (the best Kain replica to date!)
Vintage leather skirt
Bebe platform pumps
Casio watch & F21 cuff

I added my good ol A&F denim jacket before leaving.

Here is a frontal of the outfit from my first post. Wearing red lipstick on Sundays has become my new staple lol. Just not today, red lips and leather may be a bit too much for some good ol' church folk!

Dress & Clutch: vintage
Shoes: Kristen Davis
Jewelry: F21 & fleamarket



I have some great never worn items on Ebay for auction right now. Lots of American Apparel including a Melange pocket skirt in Mustard, a color no longer available and lots of people want!

To go to all these items and see descriptions and additional pics click this link:

New 3 pack of AA Deep V shirts in Purple, Red, Lapis:
Bid @ $9.99 Retails $51.00

AA Evergreen Crop Tee: New never worn!
Bid @ $5.00 retails $16.00

Excellent used condition worn ONCE: American Apparel T'shirt Dress
Navy - Bid @ $5.00 retails $30

Excellent used condition for more pics go to ebay!
AA Melange Pocket skirt - small - mustard ( Discontinued Color) Too small for me!
Bid is now @ $7.00 retails $30 - Very Rare find!

Forever 21 Acid Wash Jeans Size 28 - Bid @$4.00

Brand New never worn Madden Girl Embellished Gladiators - Size 8
Bid @ $9.99

Cute Never Worn Forever 21 floral skirt - Small -
Bid@ $5.00



I really wanted to post outfit photos today but my camera battery has died and I think I lost the charger in the move. So until I get a new charger (tomorrow), I thought to show you some of my latest ebay wins or should I say steals...

A leather pencil skirt - $5

I can't wait to pair this with ruffle-ly blouses + pretty shoes to soften the look or my AA crop tee (worn with it high waisted) and my Asos ankle boots for an all out rocker-ish look. Endless possibilities...

New AA Slim Slacks (mineral wash)- $23

I've always wondered how AA jeans fit/look, don't see many people with them. I'll keep you posted. Oh and I'm also bidding on a pair of AA Disco pants that I have wanted since they came out, but the $90 price tag kept me holding out. I hope I win them!

New American Apparel Acid Wash Bandeau - $5

I think this will be a great asset under baggy tank tops for those stupid hot days.

It seems that lately all of my AA stuff has been coming from ebay (brand new), so I encourage people to check ebay first for everything before ordering it. They even have the new Nylon Tricot pencil dress up for auction. Oh yeah and is it just me or is that last minute bidding people do, also called bid-sniping, like the most annoying thing on Earth!?! I mean really... it seems quite unfair to be able to join the bidding process in the last 10 seconds!

P.S. I also sold my first 4 items on ebay and I did very well. I actually got $46 dollars for a denim Forever 21 romper that I bought a while back and never wore and it only cost $29 at the time. How insane is that!

Toodles~ (sp?)



Goals for the summer:
*learn how to pose

*get a decent camera

*find someone who actually wants to take my outfit photos (my lil brother won't let me get more than three shots in)
This belt is another .50 SA purchase. I find many excuses to wear it, because I indeed love it very much. The picture does it no justice.

Shirt Dress: American Apparel
Belt: Vintage
Boots: Marc by Marc Jacobs


America the Beautiful

(Source: americanapparel.net -)

American Apparel has always been my go to for sharp basics that I cannot do without ( love you my little leggings, Lame matte and Nylon tricot...you too leotards), but as of lately, American Apparel has been cranking out some pretty snazzy pieces! And I for one am impressed. Will be purchasing the fringe mini as well as that awesome mesh insert bodysuit.
I also recently purchased 2 brand new AA Denim bull skirts* in purple and black on ebay for 50$ total Very excited about that win.
*Word to the wise those damn things run smaaaaalll. I am a size 6 and wear them in a size Large.


An Introduction

Hi, I'm Tip and this is my blog. I was ultimately inspired to start a daily style blog because of all the blogs I have read, there seems to be no one from my geographical area of the U.S. blogging about style (which is really no surprise). So this blog is my tribute to my style and my home (northern Mississippi), where there are in fact only a handful of stylish people.

This was my outfit on Sunday, Mother's Day. I got it on 50 cents day at the local Salvation Army, it is in fact vintage and one of my many great 50 cent finds I hope to show you. My town's thrift stores are a virtually untapped market, as people here just aren't hip to vintage...sad, but true. I love the pattern and the unexpected blocks of red. I also loooove the cut out back. I had this dress shortened from almost ankle length and I really like how it turned out.

Dress: vintage