An Introduction

Hi, I'm Tip and this is my blog. I was ultimately inspired to start a daily style blog because of all the blogs I have read, there seems to be no one from my geographical area of the U.S. blogging about style (which is really no surprise). So this blog is my tribute to my style and my home (northern Mississippi), where there are in fact only a handful of stylish people.

This was my outfit on Sunday, Mother's Day. I got it on 50 cents day at the local Salvation Army, it is in fact vintage and one of my many great 50 cent finds I hope to show you. My town's thrift stores are a virtually untapped market, as people here just aren't hip to vintage...sad, but true. I love the pattern and the unexpected blocks of red. I also loooove the cut out back. I had this dress shortened from almost ankle length and I really like how it turned out.

Dress: vintage


BirdyNumNum said...

Hey there, good luck with your new blog.

Love the colours, print and cut-out back. Very original. I always forget that clothes can be altered and therefore many a gem has been left on the rack. Thanks for the tip, Tip.


p.s Sorry if I got here before Karla ;)

Tip said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

very hott. so classy.

Alicia/InstantVintage said...


Welcome, my dear. You look fantastic.

Shandra E...*the misses said...

too cute!!! omg i almost want to visit Mississippi JUST to thrift!!! lol...i definitely need to check & see if Cali's "SA" has a .50 cent Friday because I will definitely spend plenty friday mornings thrifting!!! lol..Bravo to you hun!! i'm sooo inspired now!!!

Mz. SassynKlassy said...

I just started tryna get my blog to go in some kinda direction and came across your blog. OMG! Droolworthy!! I LOVEEEE you clothing choices!! SUBSCRIBING ASAP!