Cheap Thrills!

If you have read any of my posts so far I'm sure you have noticed me mention purchases for .50 cents from the Salvation Army. This sale happens at the end of every month and of course I am always there and I always find new things that I have to have.

This month instead of picking up any and everything of remote interest, I carefully went through and only bought things that I KNOW would be worn.

This vintage blazer was clearly the winner of the day. I love the studded lapels and also how they are layered. The end of the sleeves are layered the exact same way.

Also a vintage ruffle shirt, that you can't see at all!

Here are the rest of my finds which include:
First Picture
an oversize peach colored crop t'shirt, faded black Levi 501s which I have already cutoff, the most amazing fitting high-waisted! striped shorts (they will be shortened), and a vintage striped silk shirt.

Second Photo
A vintage "grunge" daisy flower romper/playsuit, a size 3X red and blue striped shirt (when I tried this shirt on I was thrilled with how it hangs and its kinda cropped as well! I LOVE IT), An AMAZING fringed leather vest (.50 can u believe it!?), and another printed silk shirt.

I am extremely happy with my $5 plus tax in purchases and I can't wait to work them into my wardrobe so that you can see how they really look/fit, obviously the photos (and the fact that they are just laying on the floor) don't do these pieces much justice.

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sharnae' said...

I wish I had good thrift stores around here!
You found some nice pieces...
I love the fringe vest