I really wanted to post outfit photos today but my camera battery has died and I think I lost the charger in the move. So until I get a new charger (tomorrow), I thought to show you some of my latest ebay wins or should I say steals...

A leather pencil skirt - $5

I can't wait to pair this with ruffle-ly blouses + pretty shoes to soften the look or my AA crop tee (worn with it high waisted) and my Asos ankle boots for an all out rocker-ish look. Endless possibilities...

New AA Slim Slacks (mineral wash)- $23

I've always wondered how AA jeans fit/look, don't see many people with them. I'll keep you posted. Oh and I'm also bidding on a pair of AA Disco pants that I have wanted since they came out, but the $90 price tag kept me holding out. I hope I win them!

New American Apparel Acid Wash Bandeau - $5

I think this will be a great asset under baggy tank tops for those stupid hot days.

It seems that lately all of my AA stuff has been coming from ebay (brand new), so I encourage people to check ebay first for everything before ordering it. They even have the new Nylon Tricot pencil dress up for auction. Oh yeah and is it just me or is that last minute bidding people do, also called bid-sniping, like the most annoying thing on Earth!?! I mean really... it seems quite unfair to be able to join the bidding process in the last 10 seconds!

P.S. I also sold my first 4 items on ebay and I did very well. I actually got $46 dollars for a denim Forever 21 romper that I bought a while back and never wore and it only cost $29 at the time. How insane is that!

Toodles~ (sp?)


Jess said...

Yeah I buy a lot of AA stuff on ebay just because it's so much cheaper & it's just the same. See I get annoyed at people who bid early & rank the price up, I'd prefer it all to happen at the end haha. Great pieces. & I own 3 pairs of AA jeans & they fit amazingly, so comfortable too. Those ones are just perfection. Whoa long comment, great blog!

NICOLE said...

sweet finds!!! your blog is cute and my brother takes my photos too when im not up at colllege. maybe you should get a tripod? or do what i do lol when you dont want to set it up... just put it on the table and put a self timer on and snap away lol

Arielle said...

i have a leather skirt just like that that I bought it from Goodwill! I run into that same problem until I found out how to use a self timer and I'm defintely going to invest in a tripod.

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Wow. You cleaned up!!

AA tends to run on the small side in jeans. I'm usually a 28 and had to get a 30 or 31. Careful. LOL. I fit a M in the disco pants, so good luck with those!