Grunge = Florals (?)

Happy Holiday! Are you cooking out like EVERYBODY does in the South? Looking forward to my Dad's signature T'bone steaks in about an hour! He says he just uses lemon and pepper marinade but it seems like soooo much more.
I found this vintage Liz Claiborne romper at the Salvation Army about a month ago for $.50 of course! I always wait and buy things on that last Friday of the month when EVERY piece of clothing, shoes, etc. is just fifty cents all day long. I usually go and search a couple days in advance so I'm not in there for 5 hours on that day; and of course everything that I pick out is always still there.
I am sure I will shorten the shorts to make it a bit more flattering, what do you think?

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Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Go ahead and cut them; for .50 you won't be losing out on too much if you change your mind. =)