old new shoes

Sorry for the horrid picture quality! I can't wait until a new charger for my camera arrives so I can stop using THE worst digital camera on Earth, although I'm sure mine isn't tooo much better. Currently scowering ebay for an SLR...any suggestions?
I finally found a pair of vintage (brogues ? oxfords ?) shoes that fit me and that I love!
This is pretty much my default outfit (men's shirt + Levi's cutoffs) when its too hot for anything else!

Shirt & shoes: thrifted/vintage

Shorts: Levi's via UrbanOutfitters

sunnies: fleamarket


Ash Fox said...

i LOVE those shoes. I think they are oxfords..I could be wrong.
I know exactly the normal kamali blazer you are talking about it. I tried it on thinking it might be cute but it had an awful fit and ugly buttons which made it look like it was from wal-mart. lol. so you didn't miss out!
your comment meant the world to me. you have awesome style and i am truly flattered to have inspired you to post more.

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Ahh, I LOVE the shoes. Brogues are what they call wingtips in the UK. Yours look like oxfords.

And I use a Nikon D60. I'm in love. I hear Canons are good too.

Anonymous said...

i love that oversized plaid shirt as well

OdaMaria said...

I like you'r shirt!:)