Mosquito Bites & Intentional Blurrrinn

a slight sting grabs my attention. look down to find THREE big ass mosquitos biting my leg at once. swat and run away from this area close to the woods. oh well maybe some other time on this rusted plow. when its not dusk and mosquitos aren't out for blood. no more outfit posts at dusk around my house for sure.

see i intended on clear shots as well, but the "shoot" was cut short...damn mosquitos. really wanted to show this old denim button down crop top!

thrifted denim crop button down shirt, American Apparel Bull Denim skirt, vintage Coach bag, Nine West Sandals


nikky said...

loving the brown bag!

Jess said...

Oh wow I love this (apart from the mosquito's obviously!) My friend has a shirt like this that she wore the other day over a vintage dress with brogues & wooly grey socks, I almost died out of love for it. But back to you... The colours with the bag & skirt are awesome!

I know, I always tell myself I should post more, I will try! & thanks for liking it so much, I really appreciate it =) love!

pennerad said...

mosquitos are the worst. and we can always use more stylish southerners. tally-ho represent! lol. kidding. you look great!

InnyVinny said...

Poor baby! Put nail polish on the bites...keeps them from itching. ;)