Ford Truck

vintage shirt & Coach messenger, corset:ebay, jeans: AE, shoes: 9west
The 108 degree index temps have been killing my swag as of late. I even missed the Juneteenth festival because it was too hot this weekend, instead stayed around the house cleaning my closet out, watching movies, and online shopping.
Some of my purchases included, two corsets, this one and one from F21. I love this one because it fits so well. Holler at me if you would like to know the Ebay vendor, she has all sizes in stock and they are very reasonable (cheaper than the other one I bought from F21). Won my first pair of black Frye motorcycle boots for $41!! I BS you not! They are only one year old (which means hopefully they are broken in) and just need a bit of scuff repair. Also a vintage fedora from Ebay that I can't wait to show you, a cute crop top w/ big armholes from ASOS, and some more AA pieces from Ebay for dirt cheap.
This old truck is down the road a bit from my house. While no one was there Brother and I snuck some shots. It's pretty obvious that I have a serious thing for old cars, well really everyone in my family does.


abster said...

nice bag

Heavenly Hummingbird said...

cute pics and i love the corset

KRIS KEYS said...

love the blog.keep it up!;-))!

InnyVinny said...

Girl, you look SO cute!!! Congrats on the ebay find. I just scored a pair of purple suede Report signature shoes for less than $40...SO GEEKED!

CultureCynic said...

tres chic!!!! u look great love!

*Dith* said...

Looking rather hot!! loving the look!

Damsels said...

wow i lvoe that corset
oh btw do you have a bloglovin /? its where i follow all my fave blogs

mayb u shudd consider it ...it might be good traffic for your s

Thanks for the lovely comment we really appreciate you stopping by our blog

Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

love the masculine/feminine play and yes that corset looks hot on you...

love your blush!

FrouFrouu said...

argh so jealous of your spree, i need more money to buy pretty things!

that is one awesome backdrop you have there, sneaky shots are the most fun to shoot haha. absolutely loving your bag with the casual ensemble.

- frouu/ nadia

Tip said...

@ everyone- thanks for all the great comments. i love ya'll!

@ Damsels - must add blogloving asap thanks.

@ innvinny - ooh nice. on ebay?

MM said...

That corset is gorgeous!
I've always wanted to buy one ! But I can never find one that fits.
Small waist , way too big boobs.


Anonymous said...

Love your outfit! That corset is amazing.. and yes, I want to know the vendor! Can you please share? Also, that's a Coach bag?! Wow, love it too.

xo, Becs

Tip said...

@stylewith benefits. Yeah can you believe I found bought that purse for $1.50 at the salvation army, it even still has the tag leather tag attached, I love how its kinda beat up.
Here is the corset vendor: