Grandfather's Chair

I really tried to get Duchess, Maria, and Chester (our new ducks) in the photos, but to no avail. They just won't be still or come to me unless I have a bucket of corn on me. Oh and let's just pretend I'm squinting in the second picture rather than blinking aiiight!
There is a plethora of vintage purses including two old Coach messengers and a vintage Dolce Vita, taking up mucho space in my book closet. How can you pass up a wonderfully weathered Coach messeger for $2!? I added this one to the 30+ collection today. I really should start an Etsy shop and sell some of them. Any tips on opening a shop (besides the basics they tell you) from those of you with an Etsy shop?
This rusty metal chair has been sitting on the bank of our pond since my grandfather, who passed away when I was twelve, used to sit in it and fish. I loved being around him so much and we had such fun fishing together when I was a young one.

navy American apparel Double U neck leotard, BDG skirt from Urban Outfitters, Sam Edelman gladiator sandals, vintage purse and belt, Wal-mart Earrings and men's Casio Watch

*Thanks to everyone that has stopped by this little blog of mine. I never knew that blog comments could inspire and movtivate me in such a way and they really mean alot to me. In responding to all the comments left and checking out everyone's blog that visits, I am happy to say I have met great new blog-friends and couldn't be happier with the outcome of my new blogging experience!


Anonymous said...

haha i thought you were squinting love the fit and the hair=)

Anonymous said...

you are so goin to laugh at me when i tell you that i didnt know those safety pins were earrings HAHAHAHA i jus use safety pins alot and thought those were pretty cus they had black glitter on them =) i feel soooo retarded lol

Anonymous said...

thanks=)it is a vintage slip my mom gave me, she actually gave me alot of them in diff colors. i put high waisted nightie shorts with it and jus called it a nightie lol...but i knoe wat you mean about going out i mean partying is okay but id much rather play with my bf, i got partied out sophmore year lol, plus theres really nothing to do here in jacksonville.

Anonymous said...

oh and its not gross to find them at SA i mean im jus really germaphobic so thrifting is a lil harder for me than most ppl but if your cool with it go for it=) (jus wash before you wear lol)

Damsels said...

i love the way that skirt and the belt looks so perfect with the sandals .i can tell even from afar
We Were Damsels

Thanks for the lovely comment we really appreciate you stopping by our blog

MM said...

Your have great style!
i like your blog alot.

Lori said...

cute sandals! i love that AA dress

Anonymous said...

I love the photoz... Def reminds me of the south.