better late than never

rodarte dress, Bakers Chleo platforms
After giving up hope months ago for this dress (or any of the Rodarte pieces i wanted), my very best friend Ross, who now lives in Kansas City, and I were chatting while he was walking through Target . For some reason I thought to ask him to check the girls section for any Rodarte things that may be left..
"There is one of the leopard dresses you were fiending for here... in a size 9"- Ross
"Ooooh I can make a 9 work"- Me
...oh sh*t, it's marked down to like $11 dollars - Ross
"Are u sh*tting me" - Me
So naturally, I begged him to buy it and send it to me. He did and I received it today..Perfect ending to a great week and beginning of a wonderful weekend!
Michael Kors boots were won for $45 bucks on Ebay...sucks they're fur lined (sooo much more comfortable than the Marc J's) and winter is ending...oh well, I wore them today !

Also making headway daily on my closet "make-over" after throwing out umpteen bags of clothes and finally changing out all the plastic for wood hangers.

*sorry for the grainy pics


Jazz said...

OMG! Lucky You!! I was on a search for that same dress! You are wearing it, ;).

Nataliexxx said...

I see some stunning pieces in that marvellous wardrobe of yours