a western motif...whatever that is

vintage sweater & cowboy boots; Express jeans, AA bodysuit
Hope everyone had a good weekend! Saturday's weather, when i took these, was great here. I still can't believe its almost Christmas and I need to find my guy a present...ideas anyone?? I haven't had a boyfriend at Christmas in too long. That's awfully drepressing, i know haha.
Found this awesome sweater the same day as the fur coat. Yes, I left the Salvation Army a very happy girl that day.


simplychic said...

i just posted abt chunky thrifted sweaters. there's nothing better! yours is super cute.

Wrecked Stellar said...

ooh love your sweater and boots! soo adorable! i'm more stressed about my dad's gift! i still have to get the bf a gift- thinking Laker tickets- need to look into getting really good seats even though i hate the Lakers or a Northface fleece- I feel like I always defer to Northface for guys because I want to keep them bundled up like i am! what about getting him a couples massage and something else... like a cozy bathrobe? i feel like it's things like a nice cozy bathrobe that may seem more like a luxury and something that you wouldn't buy for yourself (at least that's how i am so my bf got me the same one he has that i loved for my birthday). good luck!! xo, mel

Seyma said...

umm, i really don't like the cowboy boots but they look good on you anyway :)

Dith said...

i'm gad ur back to blogging. gift ideas?? well it all depends on what he likes. I'm hvn d d same problem myself.

What's d name of ur store on ebay??


Anonymous said...

Hey lady! Love the sweater with the boots.. perfect combo. Your hair looks cute too! Glad to see you're back! :)

xo, Becs

D&D said...

i have been looking for a sweater like that everywhere. looks fabo.

prashant said...

i really don't like the cowboy boots but they look good on you anyway :)

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