Mixed Printz

To be completely honest I no longer subscribe to Harper's Bazaar. I find the clothing featured in ALL of the issues quite unrealistic for the average person to attain, amongst other things. The magazine does however serve as a great inspiration therefore I find myself sitting in the magazine section every month for over half an hour gazing at each issue cover to cover. This month HB was a purchase only because the styling of this editorial is perfection.

My favorite pieces are: Erdem Dress, image 2: Louis Vuitton dress and leggings, image 5: Rodarte dress, image 7: Balenciaga booties, image 6: D&G dress, image 8... What do you guys think?








mixed prints

Source: Harper's Bazaar August 2009

*These images were bought and scanned by me and are considered mine. If you do decide to use them on your site, please credit the source of uploading, who would be me.

Thank You


Nicole said...

beautiful photos!
they're great souces for inspiration!

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Here's the link to a video...i wasn't allowed to post it, but i had to share it with you!!
skip to 3:10!!! lol...i thought of you when i saw this!!! Looks like MJ knew the secret ;)


Tip said...

@Shandra E!!

OMG!!! thats GREAT!! he was so right about the SA being so good in the south and it being expensive vintage every where else!! oh thats Priceless!! thank you for that!!

if you want proof of the prices of vintage stuff i get, do as Shandra E. tells you and fast forward this video to that clip because Mike backs up everything I tell you about Southern Salvation Army(s) having the best stuff for the Best prices!!

Anonymous said...

really beautiful. i neeeeed a new camera, something that can capture light like that!

Anonymous said...

Not a harper but these looks are lovely!

shopgirl28 said...

Nice pictures. It is a great editorial.

Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

those nicholas kirkwood shoes...bananas!