a single girl in boyfriend shorts

victoria's secret linen blend boyfriend blazer, DIY thrifted AE boyfriend shorts, Express sheer tee, Kristen Davis wood platforms, Ray-Ban Aviators
Oh the irony of a single girl in bf shorts and a bf blazer haha. These shorts are a DIY version of these; made from a guy's pair of American Eagle jeans found on my last little thrifting spree.

Have a good rest of the weekend everyone and a big thanks to all who have commented and/ or now following this little blog of mine. I feel like its really starting to come together and I couldn't have done it without my dear readers.


Ash Fox said...

loving the new blog look. totally dig this outfit and i love the title of this post.



nikky said...

love the shorts

Nataliexxx said...

Love this look! -chic yet still comfortable and practical.

Lovely <3

Darrah said...

I like how you pulled this look together. I never thought about "boyfriend shorts" with a blazer! You look great!

jessica said...

what a cute combo!
and i love the shoes.
that second pic is pretty amazing.

ps. cake looks good too! :)


JINX said...

i love what your doing, you have some great pix...and i enjoy what you bring to fashion blogg'n


CultureCynic said...

Darling....encore encore encore!!! this look has been done so many times but you manage to push it further and elevate...there is absolutly nothing commonplace about it. all i see is an innate style delivery as i have to come to expect from you. keep it up love, i will keep coming back.

lets just say i am totally jealous of the thrift shops in your area...JEALOUS!!!!!

Damsels said...

who says singles cant rock some bf stuff!
u do it well .and perhaps we can call them the big brother jeans

Tip said...

hahah you know what i swear to you i started to title it that Brother jeans since i have no boyfriend!!! haha right on!

Anonymous said...

love the boyfriend elements!!

Nika said...

chic outfit

YoQueSe said...

woooow... love your boyfriend shorts, good job!!!!


InnyVinny said...

Tip, you shoot in the best locations!

I love this look.

M. and O. said...

Si simple mais tellement classe! Bravo.


Arielle said...

cutee love the scenery.

simplychic said...

i love everything abt this. i want to wear it ;)