these boots were made for...me

I don't usually have luck thrifting good vintage shoes in my size. This has never really bothered me though, since one of the style concepts I follow is to usually keep the footwear modern when wearing vintage clothing.

My time off of work has allowed me to travel to surrounding towns and check out thrift stores that I have never been to. In doing so, it seems my luck changed yesterday as I found 2 pair at a nice thrift store in Oxford.
The first pair are vintage Zodiac boots. They are superb quality with leather soles. I especially love the color and the touch of suede. For $4, they are quite a find I think. The vintage oxfords were $3 and the colorblocking is absolutely perfect

other photos from over the weekend (a little spotlight effect happy, i know):

The sunflower in my garden bloomed over the weekend.

The car show was quite interesting, to say the least.


Anonymous said...

I love those white/cream boots! Super fab girl :p


Anonymous said...

i love those blue shoes

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Love them Both!!! i'd totally wear them!!

OH and i just bought a romper....your blog has inspired!!! lol..however mines isn't vintage & it sure wasn't $1 =/

Anonymous said...

amazing thrifted shoes! both are awesome finds :D

Style Bird said...

Hi! I like the boots and oxfords.

Velo said...

i love ur shoes! > <

Damsels said...

you 're lying to me !
3 dollars god god GOD
why not me ?
inever find anything as great as those ..
the boots are fantastic too . dare isay they are the only cowboy style boot i would wear

InnyVinny said...

LOVING the brogues!!!

Kristin said...

Those boots are so Urban Cowboy chic!