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my treasured men's shirt collection

thrifted shirt, AA tank, Xpress jeans, 9west shoes, Ray-Ban Aviators

I would call this my signature look. It's what I wear everyday that I don't wear something else dressy or different; like my take on t'shirt and jeans. I've noticed that it has become quite a common look (men's shirt, jeans, heels) on this blog and others, but I really don't give a ish! Been wearing men's shirts since my freshman year of college and I'll wear them until I die. My style, my blog. Anyway, I especially love the ones that are a blend of rayon or polyester with cotton. These are the best for summer. Oh and by the way, I am so sick of Mississippi summers I could die. So ready for fur, blazers (and man have I found some cool blazers), leather, and leggings!
I think my favorite person's look wearing this type of ensemble is this lovely lady. She makes it look absolutely divine with her stellar shoe collection. Judy styles denim like no other and her blog is truly an inspiration to me.


simplychic said...

wow...that is a serious collection! nice!

Arielle said...

love those shades! shades are always the last thing i invest in.. i'm working on changing that lol

CultureCynic said...

U do it soooo well love...what a collection, i suppose instead of raiding closets, i cld just thrift them eh????

and have fun on your holiday...take loads of pix!!!

Anonymous said...

Now I know why we click so well style-wise... our shared love of men's plaid shirts! You have a great collection. Love the men's shirt paired with the boyfriend jeans!

xo, Becs

Sarah Brooke said...

your style is so hot!! you look hot girlly!

Gisela said...

holy crap! you have an awesome shirt collection! you look great in those raybans! btw, super cute blog, would love for you to visit mine too ;-)

SCISI said...

such a cool look i love the colours of that plaid shirt:)

Tracey Ellle said...

wow thats quite the collection.. u look fab

Ash Fox said...

i love a simple plaid baggy shirt. always works.



Niku said...

very good look! it's amazing how the simplest pieces make amazing outfirs. i like ur blog. following you =]

somedaynewyorker said...

Great shirt collection. Ive noticed that Macy's always has great sales on mens shirts.

FrouFrouu said...

WOW. Thats one hella mens shirt collection. xx

InnyVinny said...

I love men's shirts about that much. =D Great collection.

jessica said...

i know what you mean about men's shirts.
i absolutely love them.
such a classic.
love the look!