winter yellow

Hello to my faithful few readers and 55 followers, and a special shout out to Becs, who always checks on me! I'm alive and well but its obvious that I am a sorry excuse for a blogger. Nothing SUPER special about this outfit. I did consider wearing a more "matchy" scarf at first, but I think the bright yellow gives it a bit of oomph. I've actually donned a few creative ones during my abscence...it's just once I get off from the school, 75% of the time I go straight to my mom's business and put in a couple of hours "volunteer work" haha. Therefore, once I get home its dark and I'm exhauted...so no posting. Monday is a school holiday, so I hope to get another post in and put up a bunch of stuff on Ebay including, the vintage DVF vest worn here back in the summer, some random AA items, a couple fur jackets/coats, and the most amazing leather motorcycle vest I could have ever won on Ebay, sadly its a smidge too big for my small chest.
Happy 2010 by the way! I plan to make this the year of change for myself. I've already gotten rid of all the negative people and associates with alterior motives in my life and I hope to move out on my own once again. I've been in my hometown 2 years too long and it's time to move on.
I've been reading The Fashion Book over last week and although it can be quite boring at times, its very informative. I didn't know certain things about these well known designers. Below it is pictured open to show how every designer from Hermes to Hilfiger are in this book in alphabetical order. Really want the coffee table version, but sadly the recession is killing me, seriously.

Men's shirt from Old Navy, Express jeans, GoJane OTKBs, ? scarf, RayBan aviators, Anne Klein watch, FAVORITE new nail polish (the perfect neutral):OPI in Chocolate Moose

Living back at home with the rents has its perks of course, so when I do get out on my own again I'll be sure to miss the great walk-in closet that is in my room. The purpose of the photo is to show you all a BEFORE shot. Monday being Dr. King day, school is out, and I plan on organizing this depressingly messy area (notice I was too ashamed to post a full shot since heaps of clothing cover the floor @ each end).


Seyma said...

hey sweetheart!! i missed you..

i loved that yellow scarf! i'd never think i'd love that color so much!

thanks for the inspiration darling..

keep well and come back soon!


Anonymous said...

Adorable outfit- I love the pop of yellow! And love those boots! Great shot of your closet- I'm in the process of organizing mine. It's fun and a chore all in one! xo, mel

simplychic said...

the yellow scarf was a perfect choice!

glad to see you are still blogging from time to time :)

Ash Fox said...

love the splash of yellow!

Anonymous said...

You look so cute. Love those boots!

Thanks for the shoutout. :) I'm glad you'll be posting more regularly! A walk-in closet? Geez, I'm jealous. My sister is the one with the walk-in closet at our place and I was left with two separate closets. Enjoy it while you're still with your 'rents!

xo, Becs