one of these things is not like the other

same jacket & scarf from previous post, f21 floral skirt and bow ring (current fav piece of jewelry other than watch), thrifted belt and boots
More things that I'm currently in love with,other than this jacket, scarf, and bow ring...

Recently thrifted men's oversize sweater...finally one that doesn't itch

vintage Tiffany&Co miniature clock thrifted for $1

Anything eucalyptus scented
Have a great rest of the week!
I'll tweet when I finally get to post those items on Ebay that I mentioned a while back.


Shandra E...*the misses said...

LOVE the ring! & omg that men's sweater with those boots!!!!! adore it!....now...the watch....One freakin Dollar???!! I could almost throw a fit i'm so jealous!!! lol...I "hate" LA for not havin real thrifts!! =/

DePriest Decor said...

Love! the outfit by the lake.. the Tiffany clock.. yeah.umm i need that to go with my collection hehe.

Vanessa said...

I love this skirt. I have one on my blog that looks very similar.

Damsels said...

i love that scarf and the sweater .. it looks so grandpa but chic on you .

Bluefemme said...

I love your bow ring! Cute outfit!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

wow, i'm really loving your style! the layering here is great, and those MbyMarc boots are out of this world cute-very very nice!

have a good weekend lady-glad to have found'ya!

ps//where in the south are you?? i'm living in Atlanta, Ga...anywhere close :)

jess s//

Tip said...

@ hippie frou frou- thanks so much.. i reside 45 mins south of memphis, tn...in a small town named tupelo (the home of elvis hehe) Atlanta is roughly 6 hours from where i live..but we visit at least once a year.

Anonymous said...

Hi BBF! :) You look so pretty! Geez, you find the best things when you go thrifting. The oversized sweater and clock are amazing finds. Love that bow ring too!

xo, becs

Nika said...

you look great!

anna bu said...

loving the sweater!


Pennerad said...

i LOVE that everything in your arsenal is aromatherapy-based.
also, love the boots!