shoe shopping

Shoes by Alice + Olivia for Payless & Cynthia Vincent for Target

Three recent shoe purchases I am quite excited about. Currently awaiting the Payless purchases. I honestly think this is the first time I've bought shoes from Payless, so I'm a bit worried not having tried them on.
The Cynthia Vincent for Target pair were pretty much decided for me from the number of features they made in every maintream magazine I've picked up over the past month. Obviously, I had to see what all the hype was about. Turns out they are just the pop of color I needed for white t's and jeans days and the velcro straps are so convenient. Today I paired them with a slouchy white tank, fluorescent yellow tube bra, and jeans...they totally made the look!


The Queen of Hearts said...

I can't wait to see you style them. : ) I did have a negative experience with the one and only pair of shoes that I purchased from Payless (a pair of plain black flats that I needed for work after a night of partying and not going home, haha) and let me tell you, they not only gave me the most painful blisters (remember, these are FLATS that we're talking about here) and they made my feet SMELL! I threw those puppies away that evening. What a waste. Hopefully, your purchases will be better!

Tip said...

:) me too.. thanks for that!!

MissKimmy said...

very cute!!

XO Kimmy

Style with Benefits said...

Love all of these but my fav is def. the Cynthia Vincent wedges. Those are the perfect summer shoes!

Hope you are doing well!

xo, becs

Nubiasnonsense said...

I love the cynthia vincent for target and I have a few of A&O pieces from payless there are great!