lately, i've really been into...

wearing pearls and skirts to work

this eugenia kim for target fedora

overpriced make-up
(never thought I'd drop $40 on primer, but it really is worth it i've discovered)

online shopping
(nothing like seeing self purchased presents on your porch after a long day)

by the way, neither pair of those alice + olivia for payless shoes did it for me in person... returning them to a store tomorrow.
*this post seems so materialistic. i promise im not just into clothes & make-up! i'm just keeping with the "personal style" aspect for the blog...anyway what have you guys been into lately (materialistically or non)?


Manecoarse said...

Oh, tell me about it. I love receiving packages in the mail of items I've ordered. It just makes me happy. Love the skirt your wearing.

OooKellyNicky said...

Cute, I love the pink outfit. And the hat is great!!

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princesspolitico said...

your lovely pink sweater is my absolute favorite from this post... the shoulder details are marvelous!

about your forever 21 purchases... that store makes MILLIONS of girls [including me] so happy!


Jazz said...

I love getting packages too!!!! Something to look forward too!