this & that part II

First, I want to thank everyone so much for commenting on the last post..MOTIVATION!!
I've been wearing all of my blazers belted lately and therefore showing my belt collection some love. Here are a few of my favorite found over the past couple of years. The red studded one in the middle is my current fave it seems to go with everything!!

* all of these belts are vint, found at thrift stores

left to right: vint fur scarf, fleamarket pashima scarfs, green AA circle scarf, more fleamarket, random mall store beige w/brown stars, mall store colorful tie-dy scarf, AA black tie-dye scarf, vintage waffle knit (semi hidden), Old Navy brown w/ colors striped scarf
I also want to thank my scarf collection for everything they've done for me this winter. I could wear the same outfit with a different scarf, a different way and it makes all the the difference..so thank you my luvs..
*The vint fur scarf on the far left has been worn over everything the last few weeks.

*I'm off the rest of the week so I'll def try for an outfit post since the South has finally thawed out!


simplychic said...

i would like to thank my scarves as well. they hold me down ;)

Anonymous said...

Yea, so can we trade closets please? I think I have about 4 belts that I regularly change out. You have one envious collection of scarves as well!

xo, becs

DePriest Decor said...

Ahh.. i see the boy scout belt.sweet!

OH yeah and i see u with the Jew-elz's lol